B. J. Ward

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  • “With playful text on a favorite funny topic and whimsical illustrations in Steven Kellogg's trademark style, Farty Marty is a book to enjoy again and again!”

    — Bookish.com

  • “It is a small gesture but one that can be very effective -- especially in a big crowd. So fart and if you must, fart often. But always fart without apology. Fart for freedom, fart for liberty, and fart proudly. ”

    — Benjamin Franklin

  • “Farty Marty is one of those rare picture books that entertains the adult as well as the child... Marty the cat is now a kid-in-all of us favorite!”

    — Becky Anderson, Anderson's Book Company Naperville, IL

  • “Kellogg obviously had a ball with the illustrations. Everywhere you look, there's another hilarious spoof--an elegant commercial for La Farte; Marty singing atop the Sphinx while someone in the audience holds a sign that says 'Revive Cat Worship'; at the Brandenburg Gate, with Marty tooting 'Ich bin ein Berliner.' This one's a blast.”

    — Booklist

  • “This book will keep your children laughing!”

    — Demopolis Public Library, Between the Covers Blog

  • “A joyous book... It combines the refined beauty of classical music with the most universal of all funny topics. The perfect gift for any family that needs a laugh.”

    — Helen Hunt

  • “I love pretty books and I love silly books, and there's no way around it, Farty Marty is pretty silly... Kellogg's classic illustrations are filled with crazy details that will entertain a kid for hours, accompanying Ward's story that demands compulsory giggling.”

    — Daniel Goldin, Boswell Book Company Miluakee, Wisconsin

  • “Cat lovers finally have a counterpart to Walter the Farting Dog... the cheeky premise and the abundant silliness in Kellogg’s over-the-top caricatures will keep kids laughing. ”

    — Publishers Weekly